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Meet The Team

Mariano Lebedinsky
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Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

Mariano's role involves identifying potential clients, partners, or allies for a business, evaluating the potential benefits and risks of working together, negotiating terms and agreements, and managing ongoing relationships. He is also responsible for developing strategies to leverage the partnership or alliance for mutual benefit and to achieve business objectives.

Mariano plays a critical role in helping a business grow through strategic partnerships and alliances.
Nicolas Giovanoni
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Director of Cryptocurrency Research

Nicolas is responsible for conducting research on cryptocurrencies and related technologies, analyzing  trends and developments, and producing reports. Nicolas is also responsible for managing a team of researchers, overseeing research projects, and ensuring that all research is conducted in a rigorous and ethical manner.

Nicolas plays a critical role in helping the organization stay informed and make informed decisions in the rapidly-evolving world of cryptocurrencies.
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